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Rep AI Product News September 2023

Plus: Yes/No Product Question Filtering, Ask Product Questions From Any Page, and more

🚀 Welcome to the September Edition of Rep news.

We've got some quality updates to share with you. Let’s get into it.

Product Updates

🎯 Train Your AI with Custom FAQs

What's New: You can now train your AI with custom FAQs, making it even more tailored to your store's needs.

Why It Matters: Keep your AI trained on the latest product and company information.


  • Seasonal products: Keep your AI and customers in the loop about limited-time offerings, ensuring you maximize sales during peak seasons.

  • New Product Launches: Whenever you introduce a new product, you can add FAQs to educate both the AI and the customers about its features, benefits, and how it differs from existing products.

  • Sales and Promotions: If you're running a special sale or promotion, FAQs can help communicate the details—like coupon codes, eligible items, and expiration dates—to shoppers.

  • Inventory Updates: If a popular item is back in stock or if you're discontinuing a product, updated FAQs can help manage customer expectations.

  • Trending Questions: If you notice a pattern of similar questions being asked by customers, you can proactively add an FAQ to address it.

  • Collaborations and Partnerships: If you're collaborating with another brand or influencer, FAQs can help explain the nature of the partnership, any exclusive products, and so on.

  • Sustainability and Ethical Practices: If your brand has a focus on sustainability or ethical sourcing, FAQs can help over-communicate this to people.

✅ Yes/No Questions for Easier Navigation

What's New: Your AI can now ask yes/no questions to help shoppers narrow down their choices.

Why It Matters: Say goodbye to decision fatigue. This feature helps shoppers pinpoint exactly what they're looking for, without getting lost in a sea of options.

Extreme Hat Example:

"Interested in buying a hat? Yes/No"

"Looking for a seasonal hat? Yes/No"

"Is this hat for outdoor activities? Yes/No"

"Interested in designer brands? Yes/No"

Within just a few questions, shoppers can easily find the right hat for them, whether it's for style, for a special occasion, or a strictly functional hat for outdoor adventures.

⏱ Real-Time Catalog Sync

What's New: Say goodbye to 30 second delays. Your catalog is now synced in real-time.

Why It Matters: This ensures your AI is always up-to-date, so you never miss out on a sale due to outdated info.

🌐 Ask Product Questions from Any Page

What's New: Shoppers can now ask product-related questions no matter what page they're on.

Why It Matters: Typically, the AI used the current page it was on for added context. With this new feature, this context expands, regardless of what page a shopper is on. This makes your AI more accessible and versatile, enhancing the user experience.

We had a few merchants request this feature. Let us know how this works out for you.

⭐ Star and Save Conversations

What's New: You can now "star" conversations to save and review them later.

Why It Matters: Keep a highlight reel of all your interactions. It allows you to:

  • Analyze Success: Review conversations that led to conversions to understand what's working.

  • Spot Opportunities: Identify recurring questions or issues that could be addressed in FAQs or product descriptions.

  • Train Staff: Use saved conversations as case studies for training customer service reps or for refining your AI.

  • Quality Control: Regularly review saved conversations to ensure the AI is meeting your brand standards and customer expectations.

🎨 Quick Start Auto Applies Brand Colors

What's New: New to Rep AI? We'll automatically populate your brand colors to make setup a breeze.

Why It Matters: If you already customized your AI, this won’t affect you. If you haven’t launched your concierge yet, then this should save you some time.

🔥 And That's Not All!

We've also:

  • Fine-tuned ChatGPT’s performance to triple check its answers (should be much more accurate now)

  • Updates to Rep’s attribution model so reporting is more accurate

  • Updated UI

  • And squashed many bugs

Spotlight: Ascent Nutrition

We put together a case study featuring Ascent Nutrition.

Some highlights:

  • 93% of chat conversations handled without a human

  • 21% increase in conversions

  • Led to a revenue boost of $18,593


Updated Shopify Page

We made some marketing updates as well. You’ll notice an all-new Shopify page with new images.

New Rep Teaser Video

We also launched a new teaser video. Hope you enjoy.

Until next month.