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Rep AI: Product News October 2023

Plus: Smarter Subscribe Forms, More Natural Language by ChatGPT, and more

October is here! And like the autumn air, we’ve got some cool updates.

Let’s get into it.

Hey, what's new?

Toggle Off "Auto Add to Cart" Feature

We've listened to your feedback, and now you can toggle off the Automatic Add to Cart feature. This is especially useful for merchants selling specialty items that require further customization.

For example, imagine you sell personalized gifts. A customer wants to add a heartfelt message, but if you select this product in-chat, then the AI automatically adds the item to the cart. Now, you can prevent this from happening.

You should notice a new toggle on your Products page within your Catalog. See below:

Now when someone selects a more bespoke product, they immediately go to the product page so they can begin personalizing it. Now you can launch customizable products with confidence. Just don’t forget to hit that toggle.

Product Comparisons In-Chat

Wondering what's the difference between Product A and Product B? Ask away, and not only will you get an answer, but you'll also see any mentioned products featured on the in-chat carousel.

For example, let's say a customer is torn between two types of running shoes. They can now get a side-by-side comparison in-chat without having to toggle between product pages.

Now customers make more informed decisions without leaving the chat.

More Natural Conversations

Expect more natural language from ChatGPT that makes AI feel less like a robot and more like a friendly store assistant concierge.

One big thing that’s improved here are Product Mentions —> Carousel. Now, when products get mentioned, they will appear in the product carousel, like so:

From a product mention to product showcase

This is one of those optimizations that might not get enough love, but significantly improves customer satisfaction—and generates more sales.

Smarter Subscribe Forms In-Chat

Returning or subscribed customers will no longer be pestered with another signup form in-chat. Smarter AI remembers you, and respects your time.

Only new shoppers will see this

Plus, no one likes filling out forms they've already completed. This feature respects your customer's time and reduces friction.

Revamped Integrations Screen

Our Integrations screen just got a facelift and now has filters for different categories of integrations.

We hope this makes integrating third-party services a breeze. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

Upcoming Integrations

Keep an eye out for new integrations coming this month, including Tapcart and Richpanel.

With Tapcart, you can instantly turn your Shopify store into a mobile app—no coding required.

And Richpanel is helpdesk software that uses AI to learn from agents and automate repetitive tasks.

More integrations mean more tools to optimize your store's performance.

Have any favorite tools you’d like to integrate with Rep? Let us know in the comments. Thanks.

Spotlight: Apricoat

We put together a case study featuring Apricoat.

Some highlights:

  • 10% Conversions to Sales

  • $20,736 Additional Revenue

  • 96% of tickets were AI-Assisted

Enjoy the fall weather. Until next month.