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Rep News June 2024: Real-Time Assistance Notifications

Plus: Redesigns of the home screen, AI Personality, and Chat Widget Settings | Reporting AI Issues | GoSun Case Study

Got some new features, some redesigned screens, and more. By the way, welcome to June! We’re just about halfway through 2024.

Let’s jump in.

Redesigned Screens

We redesigned the following screens in your console:

  • AI Personality

  • Chat Widget settings

We expanded the text box size for the AI Personality screen so you can see more when making edits.

Again, I want to encourage you not to get overly verbose when training the AI. The more focused and specific your language, the better it is for the AI.

We also hope the Chat Widget screen is much more intuitive, in case you want to make changes in the future.

Reporting AI issues

You might be analyzing previous chats in your Conversations panel and notice something's off. "Oh no! The AI made something up!"

In this case, there's no need to call a doctor. You can now report the hallucination directly; we'll take care of the rest. We're always fine-tuning the AI, so please share those slip-ups.

You can find that option in every chat like so:

Hope it’s hepful.

RTA Notifications

Not too long ago, we released Real-Time Assistance — sometimes people want to talk to a human right now, and with Live Chat Drop-In, you can do that when you see this:

But unless you hang out in the Rep console all day, how will you know when someone wants help?

Now you have Real-Time Assistance Notifications (or RTA Notifications for short). You can enable desktop notifications right in your browser, and whenever people ring the bell, you can answer the call.

Your browser will ask if app.hellorep.ai can send you notifications—please select "allow" to enable this feature. Otherwise, it's just you and good old-fashioned email (that works too!).

See the image below:

Enable desktop notifications or get notified by email

So, if you don’t have helpdesk software like Zendesk or Richpanel, we hope this feature helps you.

Ability to reset account

We added the capability to reset your account. We get it. Sometimes, things get messy when training your AI, and you want to start all over again.

You can find these settings under Settings —> General, like so:

From there, you can see the “Reset account” option at the bottom of the page. You will be asked to type “Reset” so make sure this is what you want to do, and Voila! Brand spanking new account.

Merchants requested this feature—please use it carefully and cautiously.

Edit “Subscribe & get a discount” flows

Many of you—with Klaviyo/Attentive/Postscript integrations—offer new shoppers an incentive for subscribing to your newsletter or marketing materials. And sometimes those incentives change.

Before, there was no way to edit these flows. But now you can. See below:

Here’s to making more offers.

Showing Options as Chips

Sometimes, you need to ask shoppers which option they prefer. Previously, when you presented those options, they were presented as a horizontal carousel.

It’s not the best experience when you have a ton of options to choose from. So we changed it.

Now options will appear as simple ‘chips,’ as in the example below:

We hope this feature improves the shopping experience.

GoSun Case Study

Have you ever gone camping and wished you had a portable oven or boat that could be powered by solar energy? GoSun is spearheading consumer-focused solar products for your next adventure.

I had the privilege of talking with them recently, and they shared that support tickets have decreased by 40% year over year, with Rep tackling all those pre-sale questions for them.

"Last year, we had about 1500 support tickets in April, and this year, we’re at 889," Jeff from GoSun noted, attributing the decrease to AI.


Until next time 🙂