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Sneak peek into CABBE: The most advanced AI model for eCommerce

Plus: Improved AI Answer Rate by 33% | More contextual convos | Live conversation & seamless AI » Human handoff

Greetings, and welcome to the New Year! If you want updates, we’ve got them. Today, we’ve got:

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A sneak peek into CABBE: the most advanced AI model for eCommerce

For the past year, Rep has been developing an integrated AI model that delivers on-brand, personalized shopping experiences on behalf of eCommerce merchants like yourself.

We always knew that “AI” alone wouldn’t be enough. AI needs purpose, structure, and, most of all, guidance to realize its potential.

The purpose is clear: provide online shoppers everywhere with a personal, concierge-like experience.

The guidance is clear: engineer an integrated AI model for eCommerce that consistently delivers remarkable interactions at scale.

Finally, the structure is here: CABBE.

CABBE: The most advanced AI model for eCommerce

CABBE (pronounced ‘cabbie’) is engineered to bring a more ‘human touch’ to every digital interaction. It comprises 5 different intelligences. They are:

  • Conversational

  • Analytical

  • Behavioral

  • Brand

  • Emotional


Conversational Intelligence (Ci)

Conversational Intelligence is the most obvious. Powered by ChatGPT, this pillar brings the power of natural language to every conversation.

Ci also enables Conversational Search & Discovery to effortlessly match shoppers to products, regardless if their intent is specific or general.

Analytical Intelligence (Ai)

Analytical Intelligence, or Ai, uses historical and current data to analyze future trends to deliver unprecedented insights into shoppers’ behaviors.

Soon, we will enable you to gain insights from your most important conversations and buying patterns to offer predictive insights into what you can do next.

Behavioral Intelligence (Bi)

Behavioral Intelligence or BI, also known as our Rescue Algorithm, reads digital body language and understands precisely when to approach disengaged or confused shoppers.

Its superpower is timing. Before, we programmed the chat to have set times when it would approach shoppers, kind of like a pop-up. It backfired, and conversions actually went down.

With our Behavioral AI, the Concierge now approaches people only when they’re stuck or disengaged, assuring that it doesn’t approach too soon (interrupting them) or too late (bye-bye).

Brand Intelligence (BRi)

Brand Intelligence, or BRi, ensures that every interaction is consistent with your brand. From your unique voice and personality to your look and feel, BRi will consistently strengthen your brand identity.

In a sense, Rep is building an AI bubble around your brand. BRi should know everything about your business and be able to talk about it intelligently.

Emotional Intelligence (Ei)

Emotional Intelligence is in development, and its release is coming in Q3. Ei is our version of ‘digital empathy’. It understands and responds to human sentiment, informing Ci to interact in a more empathetic way.

Every interaction is a relationship-building opportunity, and we believe that Ei will revolutionize customer support at scale.

All of these intelligences work great on their own. But soon, they’ll all be integrated into one system, seamlessly working together (and working alongside you) to deliver the ultimate shopping experience at scale.

We’re excited to bring CABBE to you and your shoppers. We want to bring the human essence of brick-and-mortar physical stores to digital. Service excellence is the core of what our “concierge” delivers because that’s what drives sales.

We believe it will be a real game-changer for your business.

We’ll share more about CABBE in the coming weeks.

Conversational AI improves by 33%

Everyone wants a CX like Zappos. What makes them uniquely special is that they have been known to respond to and fulfill any request. That might go a bit far for you, but it’s a concept to consider. More on this in a bit.

Last Thursday, we implemented a huge improvement in the AI’s conversational capabilities. And it’s noticeable, like really noticeable.

Internally, we have a metric called Answer Ratio. It’s the AI’s ability to give a legitimate answer versus a fallback response (the dreaded, “I don’t have an answer to that.”).

Well, we’ve improved Rep’s Answer Ratio significantly. To note:

  • Rep’s Answer Ratio improved by 33% (say ‘bye-bye’ to fallbacks)

  • Response times were reduced by 29% (it just answers faster), with more tweaks on the way

Here’s what this looks like, with an example from Underoutfit (btw if you need comfy underwear…):

Back to Zappos. Wouldn’t it be nice to replicate their CX model at scale? Sure, your AI won’t buy anyone a pizza anytime soon, but it could (should) be a great conversationalist while people shop.

That said, if you notice anything unusual, please drop us a line.

And thanks to everyone who gave us feedback. We hope you love this update.

Contextual conversations

If you tried to have a contextual conversation before this update, you had to be on a specific product page. Now, contextual conversations can happen on any page. And I mean, any page.

So now, if a shopper talks about a certain product, the AI will stay on that topic until the shopper changes the subject — regardless of what page they’re on. Like this:


We’re constantly enriching the AI with more data so it’s smarter, understands context, and, more importantly, delivers more relevant responses over time.

Conversational Search & Discovery

We finalized the touches on our backend search & discovery technology. I spoke about Vector Embedding before, so feel free to read that, but the bottom line is this:

  • AI will understand more semantic search queries, meaning…

  • If someone says, “I’m looking for a dark-colored coat,” the AI can bring up a “Black Jacket” product from the catalog.

And the bottom-bottom line is that more of your product catalog will likely be discovered. Shout out to AOV.

Live Conversations

If you have a Gorgias or Zendesk integration, this one’s for you.

Everyone has the ability to see Live Conversations on the Conversations page. With Gorgias or Zendesk, you can now jump in and engage with people as they’re chatting with the AI.

But wait! There’s more!

We’ve also just added a feature enabling seamless handoff from AI to humans. Here’s what I mean.

Let’s say someone requests support, but nobody’s around to chat. It happens. And let’s say they closed the chat and continued to shop.

Now, if you see someone’s support request, you can initiate a chat. On the shopper’s side, they’ll see the chat widget pop-up, and you can begin chatting with them.

Pretty nifty.

And more fixes…

We’ve updated the Home screen in your Console.

You’ll get suggestions on how to optimize your account further, including setting voice and tone (if you haven’t done so already), and any unanswered customer questions that need your attention.

Tell us what you think. Are you excited about these updates? Need something more? Just leave a comment below.