Rep News April 2024

New features including Live Drop-In and Chat Sharing | Easily change your AI's Language l Request Integrations | Yotpo Integration Coming Soon

Welcome to another Rep AI product news update. Let’s jump in.


Just a picture of my Conversations mug I received from ActiveCampaign for working on the Android app. Also featured is my Kindle and phone.

Conversations are where the magic happens between your AI concierge and shoppers. If the conversation is good, sales will naturally follow.

In your console, under Insights —> Conversations, you have the power to:

  • Review every single conversation the AI has with shoppers. You have visibility and insight into what shoppers think. Powerful.

  • Train the AI right on the spot (if you find its responses inadequate) and improve the shopping experience for future visitors.

  • Become aware of your store’s UX issues. For example, you can make those changes if the AI responds with an outdated product description or offers a discount from a past seasonal sale.

And now, we’re adding two more features:

  • Chat sharing

  • And Live Drop-In

Chat sharing

Now, you can share shopper conversations with team members (as long as they signed up for Rep). Why share shopper conversations? Here are a few reasons:

  • Training and Optimization: You might notice AI responses that could have been better or require a more nuanced response. Now, you can discuss it with your team before training the AI.

  • Shopper Insights: When people use natural language, they offer you a ton of insights into their preferences, behaviors, and pain points. You can use that information to train the AI better and improve your marketing or UX in your store.

  • Patterns and Repeated Issues: Conversations can also reveal repeated issues around certain products or policies. Once you spot them, you can clean them up.

  • Complex Cases: Every once in a while, you will come against more complex cases that might require more technical support. You could create more technical documentation and feed it to the AI or let your human team answer these questions.

I’m sure there are more use cases. Anyway, you can share chats within the Conversations page here:

Live Drop-In

Another powerful feature in Conversations is Live Drop-In, where you can drop into live conversations as they happen. If you currently have any of the following integrations, you can easily join conversations as they happen:

  • Gorgias

  • Richpanel

  • Zendesk

When you see a live conversation in progress, it will be highlighted in green, like so:

You will also see the option for “Agent drop in.” Just click on that, and you will go into the helpdesk software of your choice, and you can enter a live conversation.

Watch the video:

Now let’s talk about integrations.

Integrations Requests

Rep’s chat widget is super versatile. Shoppers can:

  • Have branded conversations (look & feel, voice & tone, etc.)

  • Find and discover new products

  • Navigate to product pages and checkout

  • Ask anything about the catalog and get relevant answers

  • Ask for order help and support

But combined with other Shopify apps, Rep becomes even more powerful with the ability to:

So, if you're already using apps from Shopify's ecosystem that aren’t currently integrated with Rep and would like to integrate them, go to the integrations page of your console, scroll to the bottom, and you’ll see “Can’t find what you’re looking for?”

Yotpo Integration — coming soon

Speaking of integrations, you asked for Yotpo, and you will get Yotpo sooneth. We’re focusing on its SMS functionality now; loyalty will come later.

Keep those suggestions coming!

Changing your AI’s language

We added the ability to change the language of your store with a simple dropdown menu.

You can find Language settings under AI Personality settings here:

After you click “AI Personality,” scroll down to the bottom until you see “Language” and choose your language.

After you select your language, it will ask you if you’re sure and to type “CHANGE” in all caps. Once you do that, your AI Concierge will start talking that talk.

This enables:

  • AI responses in all languages (let us know if any are missing)

  • All language dialects, idioms, and slang, too

Bon chance!


You’re a merchant, and you know how important reviews are. Like you, we want our Shopify app profile brimming with authentic 5-star reviews.

So, if you’re a paying customer, you’re likely to see this pop-up from time to time:

I understand if you’re not ready to give a review yet. Take your time, and get value from the platform first. All I ask is your honest review of Rep. If we can improve anything, please let us know. We always want to get better.

Also, if you’re getting ridiculous value from Rep, I’d love to discuss doing a case study with you. Email me: [email protected]

It would look like this…

Fuller Brush Case Study

Fuller Brush has been in business since 1906! It faced the challenge of efficiently handling a high volume of customer inquiries from its primary customer base, mainly individuals aged 65-85.

They prefer interacting with human reps, so Fuller had to figure out how to scale their excellent customer experience model with AI.

They got some pretty amazing results.

Quantifiable Impact

  • AI resolved 96.24% of customer interactions without human intervention

  • 22% AI-assisted conversion rate for March 2024

  • $10-15 increase in average order value (AOV) for orders assisted by the AI

Fuller Brush's approach to serving elderly customers with AI is a success story for the company and reflects its long-standing commitment to customer service.

With over a century of experience, Fuller demonstrates that an older company can thrive and stay relevant by embracing change and prioritizing the needs of its customers, regardless of age.

Stay young at heart, my friends.

Read the case study here:

If you’re interested in doing a case study with us, just contact me at [email protected]



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What’s next

We’ve got plenty of good stuff on the roadmap, including:

  • Improved recommendations engine

  • Smarter contextual journeys and conversation flows

  • Abandoned cart flows for all

  • Constant improvements to our AI model

Until next time.