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REP AI is now 100% Multilingual

AI Personality | CABBE Grand Reveal | Test & Train AI | And cranking up relevance

March is almost over, and Spring is here. Spring means fresh, new, birth, or rebirth in many cases.

We have some fresh things to show you. Here’s what’s new in Rep:

  • Rep is 100% multilingual

  • AI Personality gets a facelift

  • Cranking up the relevance on conversations

  • Test & Train in one place

  • And we fixed many bugs

  • Oh! We’re revealing CABBE, the most advanced AI model in eCommerce, on April 4th. More below.

Want more details? Read on.

AI Personality

AI Personality Screen

Establish your AI’s brand foundation here

We moved some furniture around and hope it improves your experience, specifically adding more functionality to the AI Personality screen (yes, it’s new). Here you can tweak, change, or alter:

  • Brand Tone of Voice

  • Brand description

  • Who your primary customers are

  • How detailed you want your AI Concierge to be (talkative or to the point)

  • What you want the AI to do—and what not to do (general instructions for your AI)

  • Your AI’s Knowledge Level (Brand-focused or Globally Aware)

  • You can also toggle your AI Concierge’s language to match your store or your shopper’s local language (did I say Rep is multilingual?)

Here’s more on each feature:

Brand Tone of Voice you’re probably already familiar with. Again, we recommend giving your AI a persona (laid-back surfer dude) who’s friendly, approachable, knows surfing (plus some traits), and who’s from Malibu Beach (plus a locale). We’ve seen very distinctive responses from the AI, so if you’re brand hyper-aware, this is for you.

Brand Description is basically how you would describe your brand. “We’re a sustainable brand with a singular focus on comfort and minimal styled shoes.”

Customer Description tells the AI who your customers are. Customers could be elderly, 70-80-year-old women who aren’t tech-savvy. This helps the AI find the best way to approach them.

Detailed Responses determine whether your AI is talkative or gets to the point. If you have complex products, might be better to let your AI be super informative and loquacious. Simple products? Might want to be brief.

Further AI Instructions are like telling your employee to “do more of this” and “less of that.”

AI Knowledge Level is how much you want your AI to be strictly brand aware or more knowledgeable about everyday things. For example, if you sell wines and spirits, you might want your AI to be more globally aware so that your AI can share popular drink recipes.

Finally, Language allows you to toggle between the store’s language (by default) or the shopper’s location language. More on this in multilingual.

Rep is 100% Multilingual

What does multilingual mean? It means that:

  • Your AI Concierge will speak in your store’s language

  • Every language is supported

  • AI will default to your language, but…

  • You can toggle from the store’s language to your shopper’s with a simple click, like so:

Alter Language settings in the lower-left corner of the screen

As AI improves and we get better at wrangling it towards eCommerce mastery, we move closer to this ideal of relevant conversations at scale—for every merchant in any vertical.

Speaking of…

Cranking up the relevance of conversations

One of the big changes we’ve implemented includes making conversations more contextually aware.

Now, we’re gathering information on the shopper’s temporary journey and feeding it back into the AI for more meaningful interactions.

For example, the AI will start taking in more information like:

  • A shopper’s current page

  • Product stock availability

  • Journey steps like if they checked out your shipping policy or looked at FAQs

  • What country they’re from

  • Today’s date (is this a relevant or special date in their current country)

  • Along with staying catalog and brand-aware

So that the AI can serve more relevant interactions at scale, drastically improving a shopper’s experience and generating more sales for you.

Please let us know if you notice changes in your AI’s conversations, and send us feedback if you notice anything strange (or awesome). We want to know.

Test & Train

Finally, you have a single place to test and train your AI. Think of it as bootcamp for your virtual team member.

Here’s what it looks like:

Find this under AI Training

Yes, it’s one screen, and yes, you can correct the AI’s answers on-the-spot, without having to go to other screens. We hope this makes training your AI easier for you.


We fixed many. You’re welcome. But seriously, let us know if you notice anything that needs fixing. We strongly welcome feedback because it’s the only way to improve.

Just email: [email protected]

CABBE Reveal on April 4th

What’s CABBE? It’s the AI model we’ve been developing. It also represents how well we can replicate the human touch with AI.

Currently, CABBE is the most advanced AI model for eCommerce, and we want to share it with you on April 4th.

If you want to be a part of the CABBE reveal, then sign up here (just click the image):

Thanks again for all your support and interest. We’re excited to share the future of AI in eCommerce with you.

See you in two weeks.