May 2023 Product News

ChatGPT integration, Self-Serve, and Rep rebrand

Hello Rep Community,

First, let me welcome you to the first edition of our monthly product newsletter. Rep's development is ramping up fast, and we want to make sure you don't miss a thing.

So let's not waste any time. Got some cool things to share with you.

ChatGPT integration

ChatGPT is integrated with Rep's AI and we're now in beta. What's the difference between Rep's AI and ChatGPT? Glad you asked.

Rep's AI is a behavioral AI, that uses over 500 data points to accurately predict when a site visitor is about to disengage from your site, and brings them back in with a simple conversation.

We call it the Rescue Algorithm, because it "rescues" all that hard-earned traffic you paid for (either with money or effort), and increases conversions for you.

ChatGPT brings conversational intelligence to make every interaction with your AI concierge feel more relevant (our renaming to "concierge" is part of our rebranding, which I'll get to in a moment).

Here are the highlights. With ChatGPT, your AI will soon be able to:

  • Scan and absorb your entire website and use it to answer FAQs (preliminary tests have been quite good)

  • Browse through your entire catalog autonomously, which means that your Concierge's answers will always be up to date

  • Hone in on your brand's voice and tone. We've tested this and it can get pretty ridiculous if you train it to be funny, childlike, and inform it to tell a joke or two. It's amazing 👏🏼

  • Offer multi-language support (we're hoping that will be deployed sooner than later, but the results are promising)

  • Have more intelligent conversations with shoppers (it can pick up on slang, idioms, and contextual clues)

Pretty soon, AI will understand every idiom and turn-of-phrase

What does all this mean for shoppers? They will:

  • Find products even faster

  • Get better, more complete answers to questions

  • Always have the most up to date information on products, sales, discounts, and more

  • Have more relevant conversations your concierge

But what if I'm not ready for AI yet?

Don't want AI controlling every conversation? Simple. Just turn it off. I mean, toggle it off. Yes, you can do that.

But as the AI improves, I imagine that you will begin to trust it more and more over time.

And, yes, you can still manually script your Conversion Flows in the backend of the platform. Not everyone is onboard with the AI train (yet), and we want to make sure that you have options. You always do.

ChatGPT Release Date

The first GPT update will drop tomorrow, Tuesday May 2. Here's what you'll get:

For every question your concierge doesn't have a pre-scripted answer for, ChatGPT will scan your website for the best possible answer to that question and respond accordingly.

So just think of this first release as a catch-all for all those other questions and inquiries that don't require a human.

We're pretty excited by it, and please, let us know if there are any reported issues (or compliments). Feedback goes a long way in developing great products.

Expect the GPT full integration to roll out over time in May.

Self-Serve Onboarding

Since Rep began, our team has worked hard to take care of every customer personally. We offered a fully managed service and took care of setting up all of your Conversion Flows, with a few tweaks from you, so your effort was as minimal as possible.

Because of our ChatGPT integration, what took a couple of days of setup will eventually get knocked down to 2 hours — which will eventually get down to 20 minutes.

This won't affect current customers much, but for other merchants, it’s a game-changer that they won’t truly understand. Their onboarding into Rep will be just as effortless as yours was, and, more importantly, won't require much effort from us—except for a little oversight and some tweaking.

And this will only improve over time. To get started (if you’re new), head on over to Shopify.

We’re available for ALL Shopify merchants


You're seeing us refer to our product as a "concierge". Why?

Because everyone deserves to have an elevated, personalized shopping experience. And we want to bring that to every store.

In the near future, we envision that most shopping will happen over a simple chat (text-based and voice), asking AI assistants to do the hardest part — finding products that are relevant to "me".

Yes, chat will usher in the next iteration of eCommerce shopping and will become the next major channel you need to own. And we want to ensure that your concierge delivers impeccable service to ALL of your customers, from “hello” to checkout. Everyone deserves to be treated like they're the only one in the room. This is what we're building together.

And that brings us to the rebrand. We want to capture the concierge essence, and ultimately bring it to you. We are looking at everything, from our current identity to how we express ourselves in any comms to the chat interface itself.

We plan to launch the rebrand in early June across the entire website. For now, here's a sneak peek:

And a big thank you

To all of you for sticking with us. We're a small team, but we want to bring you mighty things.

This will be a big year for Rep, and we hope you feel all the love that we've put into our product and service.

Thank you.

Team Rep