June 2023 Product News

Self-serve is here, unleash your voice & tone, and more

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Self-serve is here

Remember the old days (like one month ago) when setup and onboarding would take a few days, and we did our best to take care of everything for you? With Generative AI (aka ChatGPT), now that only takes 10-15 minutes tops.

Some highlights:

  • The AI will now read and scan your website on a regular cadence, so your concierge will always be up-to-date

  • During onboarding, you'll be asked for your brand's voice and tone — funny? Irreverent? Silly? Serious? Casual? Just put it in.

  • Brand your chat interface — color palette, avatar name, and image

  • Up and running in 10-15 minutes

Shauli, our cofounder and CTO just recorded a video on how the new onboarding works. Take a look:

I want to highlight one thing in particular in the video. When it comes to your voice and tone, feel free to add more words to describe it. Shauli was just demonstrating the feature for brevity's sake. Feel free to experiment with it.

Remember: AI will (mostly) be amazing, but for those times where it acts a bit wonky, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to get your feedback and, if necessary, fix things right away. So thank you in advance for sharing your feedback.

New features

May was a crazy month, but we're almost through it. Here's what's been delivered so far:

  • Multi-language support (you can write your question in Spanish, but it will answer in English -- we'll add the ability to answer in Spanish soon)

  • AI can now read and scan your website to stay up to date

  • As a result, the AI can answer questions using that information

  • The self-serve platform (in beta)

There are more features on the horizon, but just to give you a taste:

  • More context aware AI (for example, getting better at knowing where the customer is and responding more conversationally)

  • AI product tagging

  • FAQ Suggestions from ChatGPT

And more to come.

Rep Rebrand is complete

Our brand promise

We still have a few web pages to update, but things are looking great. What do you think? Would love to hear back.

Until next month,

Team Rep